Freshman year of college, I took an aptitude test at the career center. Afterwards, I sat down with an adviser and the printed results. She explained that my top three career matches were:
1. Broadcast Journalist
2. Chef
3. Professional Librarian

I explained that:
1. I have issues with teleprompters.
2. I once tried to make peanut butter by combining peanuts and butter (probably around the same time the photo to the left was taken, but still).
3. This seems like a viable option, but I just heard there's free pizza outside, so let's talk about my future later.

I never went back to the career center, but I did somehow end up in an advertising class. The next few years were a whirlwind of copywriting, screenwriting, graphic design, and free pizza.

After graduation, I moved to NYC, where I usually have to pay at least $1 for pizza. It's better pizza though, so I guess I can't complain.

In addition to writing, I enjoy rooting for (read: having my heart broken by) DC sports teams and the Miami Hurricanes. I also love live music. My first concert was ZZ Top. And by ZZ Top, I mean N*Sync.